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Ordering Chinese Food Without You

09.12.18 Posted in today's words by

Nicole Yurcaba’s most recent poem to appear here was “Fishing With My Father-in-Law” (January 2018)

Ordering Chinese Food Without You
By Nicole Yurcaba

I forget how to approach
the counter, which dish
is a combination, which
is a take-away with white rice.

I point to item menus,
ask for descriptions
because I forget how spicy
is spicy, how to pronounce
“Szechuan,” whether it’s
beef egg foo young or shrimp
or roast pork you ordered
one month ago, to the day,
but I remember I wore this same
trench coat, you paid in cash
and placed a five-dollar bill
in the tip jar, and we listened
to rain touching the windshield
the entire drive home.

3 Responses to “Ordering Chinese Food Without You”

  1. Hiram Larew says:

    This ode to time’s passage – its haunt, its claw, its balm – is darn good. Thanks for sharing.

  2. john berry says:

    Beautiful Nicky! Always love reading your work!

  3. Sandy Patton says:

    Poignant, so descriptive and beautifully written. I can feel the sadness in each line. Well done!

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