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Nate Spears’ most recent poem to appear here was Soul Mate Destiny (February 2012). Check out his first book of poetry, Inspiration 2 Smile, while you await the forthcoming release of his new book, Main Street Thoughts, this spring.

By Nate Spears

Wonderland displays snow
In a world of living who knows
I build character
Plotting, strategizing,
Fighting my foes

Tough times have depleted homes

People are lost in Oz

No jobs

Closing Lowe’s, but still

I build character

Folding the “B”

I’m left with small “d”

The fence is what I have

Turned backwards

It’s all out and exposed as we meet

Nowadays watching hackers, attackers, and trappers

Keep your eyes on the government

They’re the real masters

In our minds

My pass would be an overthrow

The fire in my eyes

Comes from the heat of the times

Feel my struggle

Listen to my grind

This is what it sounds like

When a dove cries

One Response to “Oz”

  1. bobbie troy says:

    Love the last two lines.

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