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KJ Hannah Greenberg’s most recent poem to appear here was “Surcease” (October 2019).

By KJ Hannah Greenberg

Mental uneasiness often manifests in yards or meters of pulp venue merchandise.
Phenotype qualities, derived from dwelling in sand dunes or on mountains’ crests,
Most often snugs parents to chivvy; children respond by quickly snatching earth.

Certain views of life, those demarcated into four geographies, cast shadows over
Informative, amusing reads, yet remain sources for many flechettes. After all, aside
From apt directives, we’re thrilled by hard particles’ passage over uneven surfaces.

Parallel withies, osiers of red or brown, rarely wield cutlasses, otherwise produce
Weapons. Still, elders grizzle imperfections when anchorites willingly interpret
Important items for themselves (seniors believe functional hypocausts could kill.)

Now and then, honed dirks suit shiftier souls as litanies, empathies, cacophonies,
Have nothing in common with lower standards that proffer scarce free products.
Rather than shell for relatives fixated with vehicles’ passports, kin bump off kin.

Per gratifying self-esteem, concurrent with claiming that survival rules triumph,
Diehards fashion compositions about faith, family, career, and inward dwelling.
Unless supergrasses tattle on pararescue troops, few rescues are forthcoming.

So, the meek collect thoughts, spin them to producers, illuminate raw subsistence
Analogous to stacks of dishes, improvised appoggiatura, crystal spherules. Their
Offerings are quern for hated, unsavory platforms, costermongers’ worst trollies.

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