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Joey Turner lives and writes in Texas, where he currently attends the University of Dallas. This poem follows nicely on the heels of yesterday’s, the theme today being interconnectivity. Read this poem and think about the many different living elements in this life that support us throughout the journey.

By Joey Turner

The woman sits on a green bench swaddling
Giving life from the beat of her heart
With the young child tucked deep into her chest

A flower sprouts from a crack in the walkway
Pulling life from a patch of dirt
With its roots tucked deep into the soil

The child is a toddler now growing
Laughing with innocence and zeal
With his hand tucked deep into his mother’s

The flower is long gone but died casting
Seeds strewn across the town
With potential tucked deep within their shells

The child is a child no longer dreaming
But a young man hoping and strong
With his determination tucked deep within his will

The seeds of the flower increased spreading
Seeds of their own dying with honor and grace
With exponential growth tucked deep into their xylem

A man stands on a crowded train breathing
Taking his blessed life for granted
With his last breath tucked deep into the small hours of the night

An idea floats through the synaptic gap
Pulling thoughts from here and there
With its progeny tucked deep into the soul of humankind

A soul soars through dimensions unknown
Getting its being from the Divine Source
With its beginnings tucked deep into the heartbeat of God

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