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Poem Written on the Back of an Envelope

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Neil Leadbeater is an author, essayist, poet, and critic living in Edingurgh, Scotland. His work has been published widely in anthologies and journals, both at home and abroad. His latest books are The Loveliest Vein of our Lives (Poetry Space, 2014) and The Fragility of Moths (Bibliotheca Universalis, 2015). An e-book, Grease-banding the Apple Trees is available from Raffaelli Editore, Italy. Neil’s work has been translated into Romanian, Spanish, and Swedish.

Poem Written on the Back of an Envelope
By Neil Leadbeater

This poem fell off the back of a lorry.
It took me by surprise
because it cost me nothing
but came off the cuff

Tell me it wears well
on the page.


2 Responses to “Poem Written on the Back of an Envelope”

  1. it wears well on the page. Fun poem.

  2. I love the way the bio works with this piece and the overall neo-now, self referential from a step away nature of the poem

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