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Lou Pugliese’s most recent poem to appear here was “Please don’t understand” (September 2018).

By Lou Pugliese

If anyone even does care
Polyorchids are really quite rare
The tri brand has two
Where they normally grew
And one that is simply a spare

and another:

The grasshopper in my pants

I love to be out mowing on my yellow Hustler Z
The ultimate sport tractor fits my immaturity
It’s loud and it’s responsive, the bomb for guys like me

This Z is the implement that really hauls some ass
But I have a lot of fields so I cut a lot of grass
And still it can be lonely as the time is slow to pass

So when I’m out there tearing up the fields with lots of noise
The bugs and birds all fly around the fat man with his toys
His shirtless hairy body flopping round with so much poise

A grasshopper climbed up my leg into my shorts today
His big-eyed head still sticking out like he had stuff to say
He didn’t seem offensive so we went along our way

His conversation skills were nil so man of letters, I
Regaled him with prose and poems to make a grown man cry
I swear I almost heard him once expend a little sigh

I know that I was quite impressed with humor and my wit
He probably thought me erudite, a fine cigar I lit
On second glance it really seemed he might not give a shit

With wind in hair we mowed along, we both enjoyed our seat
The passing breeze protecting us from brutal August heat
I began to think my new found friend was really kind of neat

And what more in this world can any ask or hope or pray
Than the kinship of God’s creatures as we plod along our way
Connected by our journey on a sunny summer day

Much time had passed as we killed grass with mighty whirling blades
And thoughts of how our partnership could earn some accolades
The hit of daytime talk shows, complimentary upgrades

Kathie Lee and Hoda would surely find us cute
Country gentleman and grasshopper in peaceful world pursuit
No question that our enterprise could bring us lots of loot

Then suddenly a biting pain and all my dreams suspend
For grasshoppers are carnivores and all he did intend
Was to eat a giant hunk of meat and so to my new friend
The End

One Response to “Polyorchidism”

  1. Ed Zahniser says:

    Love this Polyorchidism and The Grasshopper in My Pants. Humorous use of formalism and tongue almost completely stuck in cheek! Write on!

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