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My Prayer

05.29.14 Posted in today's words by

jd young’s poem Moments appeared here in August 2011.

My Prayer
By jd young

Lord please touch me
Grant me peace
Soothe my broken heart

I had her for such a short time
Letting go makes deeper the dark

She did not have an easy time
Life seemed to pass her by

Too often I walked past her room
And heard her painful cry

I watched her walk so many roads
She found no place to stay

She was an angel out of place
And could not find her way

Then one day you called her home
Too soon, Lord, much too soon

My heart breaks each and every night
I pass by her old room

The Raggedy Ann and Andy
That she always hugged so tight

Sit quietly upon her bed
Beneath the moon’s pale light

My faith was shaken for so long
But I pray and will not stop

Lord, please touch me
Grant me peace
Soothe my broken heart


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