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Pulling the Thread

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Nick Talent’s most recent poem to appear here was Moat (June 2014).

Pulling the Thread
By Nick Talent

It started with a question
a doubt raised
by a look you gave

when I said I didn’t like
sushi. Then there was
the argument

about the clock
and what time [10:00] was.
And the time we fought

about how to cook
chicken and rice
with less or more spice.

And the time we spoke
two different languages
at each other

and couldn’t understand
the cross-talk.
Nothing to poke

a finger in at first.
But one day in May
I noticed the left seam

no longer held
and the hem had frayed
right below

what looked to be
a moth hole.
It still took until

September to admit
the stitches couldn’t be reknit.
But damn, I wish it still fit.


2 Responses to “Pulling the Thread”

  1. Kay Middleton says:

    Excellent. I liked the subtle rhyme, the metaphor and especially the ending.

  2. Jeanette Gallagher says:

    I enjoyed Pulling the Thread. It so easily relatable since relationships can be difficult and complicated even when we wish, at the end, it could have been different. The images are very clear and many have seen themselves there in the past.

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