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Pure Heart

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Tapeshwar Amef gave us a lovely celebration of the World Cup in July (World Cup Starts). He lives and writes in India, but the miracle of technology allows us to chat with him as if we’re all in the same space. Visit his blog to keep up with him. This poem is his tribute to Mother Teresa whose birthday is August 26. The poem makes lovely use of paradox in its presentation of the attributes of Mother Teresa. It gives us a view of this woman from the streets in which she served as well as from the spiritual center of those she touched. 

Pure Heart
By Tapeshwar Amef

Mother, you are Christian.
You serve the poor and you are God to them,
You talk, rendering honey from your mouth,
You are short, even while touching the sky,
Your attire is plain, but perceived kaleidoscopic,
You are stern, and hearts start palpitating.
Mother, you are nice and you exude humanity.
You are supple and sloppy, and all nature stoops on you.
Mother, your look is distant, but your effect is close,
You have sagging skin, and you are the most beautiful,
Your sons are leprosy ridden, deranged, in heaven,
You feed them and you are an angel.
You walk and the shadow looks on in awe.
You have faith in Christ and serve all Gods.
You are dead and you are living Now.
Your soul was above the intellect.
You are a Nirmal Hriday.

2 Responses to “Pure Heart”

  1. Hi Tapeshwar Amef,

    I liked the contrasts of opposites and that a poem could be written about a saint without religious cliches.

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