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Reconsidering the Moon

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Lee Woodman’s most recent poem to appear here was “Betula Papyrifera” (May 2019).

Reconsidering the Moon
By Lee Woodman

We think you continue to change, but oceans know better.
Moon, you keep your same face toward us, a constant truth.
At new, we are close to each other, nocturnal animals scamper
to the shadows, badgers mate.
Your waxing crescent, a lemon slice, sneaks a peek, waiting for first
quarter to test appearances.
At full, Australian corals release massive eggs and sperm, doodlebugs
make bigger traps for active prey.
You hide nothing, proud to show your bruises and welts.
Ungainly as you go gibbous, losing faith, losing confidence, aware
that third quarter will offer a stillness, time for stable reflection.
Waning crescent sweeps away all regrets, while lions attack and kill.
Scorpions grow blue in your moonlight.

2 Responses to “Reconsidering the Moon”

  1. Sandy Soli says:

    I love this poem so much.
    Thank you, Lee!

  2. Carol Brendsel says:

    How many names does the moon have? And what gender do we call its name? How small we are in its embrace yet so vital. Thank you, Carol

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