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Megha Sood’s most recent poem to appear here was “Sometimes” (March 2019)

By Megha Sood

Time is a gentle reminder of you
a sepia stain on my white blouse
Time gently scrubs you
and yet you are here
/always here/
like a nostalgia
a whiff of that strong aroma
in the middle of the street
which blanks your mind
and numbs your senses
for just that freckle of a time
your memories are
always present like the
my favorite childhood song
on the tip of my tongue
or the fleeting glance of my love
in the crowded room
enough to satiate my desire
for my love, too young
Time sit still like that blackbird
on my window sill
we give each other company
a stranger of sorts
an unwilling companionship
With every breath carved from my chest
I lose a moment to the time
Like those vintage records
needle scraping the surface
birthing the music sublime
A wait too long turns sour
like the milk left overnight
I can taste the sourness
in the back of my throat
the metallic pain of
separation and loss
you are that lingering
taste which sits on my tongue
an ordered thought in
the disordered mind of mine.

7 Responses to “Reminder”

  1. Nicholas Alexander says:


  2. Megha Sood says:

    Thanks so much for publishing and supporting my work. I deeply appreciate it.

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  5. Lovely. With every breath carved from my chest
    I lose a moment

  6. Megha’s writing is a tapestry of words woven in a way that captivates the reader. I have always been a huge fan of her writing!
    Taking a memory and creating and sharing that world is her most unique quality.
    Loved this!
    Beckie Cutler

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