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Richard Schnap’s most recent poem to appear here was Trinity (April 2014).

By Richard Schnap

It came to me as an immigrant
Debarking from a crowded ship

That carried it far from its birthplace
In a jeweler’s shop in Budapest

Or Prague. He gave it a voice
And when it came to me it said

“Now I am yours,” and, as I grew,
It became sewn into me, as inseparable

As a tattoo. And it told me stories
Of the old world, its tiny hamlets

And ruined castles, its wars
And revolutions, sorrows

And celebrations, and the vague tale
Of a man I never met, a man

Whose portrait could almost be of me,
Wondering where the wind will lead him next.


One Response to “Ring”

  1. You had my imagination in the grip of your hand.

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