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She Is Woman

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Sandy Patton’s most recent poem to appear here was “Conversations With Myself” (September 2019).

She is Woman
(after “I Am Woman” by Helen Reddy)

By Sandy Patton

In her wilder, pirate days,
she roared like a lioness,
boldly taking center stage.
Eyes flashing with passion,
she spoke in a voice
brimming with the bravado
of the naive, headstrong,
and oh so young.

A cool beauty, gifted with lethal
doses of charm, nerve, wicked wit,
she assumed her companions
felt that same feverish rush,
the mad pulsing in their veins,
consuming her. Perhaps they did,
since they too were naïve,
headstrong, and oh so young.

In the middle years, she
mellowed, thoughts ran deeper,
the quiet times sweeter.
She spoke a slower cadence,
striving to cushion harsh blows
of bluntness, took time
for careful reflection before
wounding words drew blood.

And today, she is still Woman,
smile youthful, her step unhurried,
a little bit worn around the edges,
yet resilient, strong at her core.
These days, you won’t hear her roar,
it’s more a soft growl,
and on her good days,
she meows.


4 Responses to “She Is Woman”

  1. bobbietroy says:

    Wow, Sandy. Great work. I love it and can relate.

  2. Sandy, this was great ! We loved her music and saw her unperson. What a show.

  3. Donna Levy says:

    Sandy is my favorite poet. I can easily relate to her words that exactly describe her impressions of the world, life as it evolves, and feelings from ones depths. Don’t ever stop penning your poetry, my sweet friend.

  4. Thank you for this well done blast from the past.

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