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Sky Frog

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Hope Houghton is in her mid-30s and lives in North Carolina. She began writing poetry as a teenager as a means to express what she could not say aloud. Her poetry has been published at literary journals including Literary House Review, Hudson View Poetry Digest, England’s Poetry Monthly, and The Write Room Literary Magazine. Hope’s work was nominated for the 2010 Pushcart Prize by Literary House Review. This is her first appearance at vox poetica.

Sky Frog
By Hope Houghton

rocking myself insane for him
back and forth, find your rhythm
trying to calm his little mind
and as i weep through this shirt
i know there is no master plan
no grand baker who cut us from his hand

but the tree army, under someone’s command
sent to guard my son in this backyard
roar at me for not accepting my role
and smash their fists
into the neighbor’s rooftops
warning me about learning my place
and trusting that the sky frog
has, as always, planned it all out

well the sky frog is gone
saw him sail away one day
when the black dove darkened my view
and as for the white dog
well, i gave up on him long before
martin became buried in this fog

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