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Catherine Mighell spends her days helping people to fly and her nights coaxing words to fly. She is just finishing her first novel. Some of her short stories can be read at her blog.

By Catherine Mighell

Raise your hands to the sky
fill the stars in your eyes
twirl wild round and round
feet just barely on the ground
feel the lift, feel the fall,
the sheer exuberance of it all
ah, the power of the free
it’s the power of just me.

Raise your feet to the sky
dripping stars from your eyes
dewy grass on your fingers,
if the joy could only linger … 
back to earth with a woomph
head a swirl, hair a swoosh,
laughter left upon the line
of all the cartwheels in my mind

2 Responses to “Cartwheels”

  1. Poetic imagery at it’s best.

  2. Catherine says:

    Thank you! It is my first, gentle, effort at publishing my poems, so I appreciate the feedback.

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