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So What

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Hiram Larew’s most recent poem to appear here was “Grandsons” (December 2018).

So What
By Hiram Larew

By the way
In spite of what you’ve been told
gradual is not always better
            or holy.
Taking things slow is maybe
how mountains roll quietly through
or why stars twinkle back.
It may even partly explain worldy progress.

But in the end suddenly is ten times wider
fifty times richer
and so much more exciting to kiss than is caution.
What’s all at once just makes sense
even through to our teeth

It’s the truth—
potatoes crave onions.

Speaking of love—
When did our place get so weedly wild?
How did our easy mornings chortles
become such rousty birds
pulling apart worms and fighting?

Right or wrong slow or fast
It seems these don’t really matter—|
The biggest point is that
the world really spins on what’s
panting or busting.

One Response to “So What”

  1. Ed Zahniser says:

    Very cool, very good, very well executed poem! And thanks for the point it all carries along . . . Thanks!

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