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Stealing Days

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KC Bosch writes in Virginia. Regarding this poem he says it was “written about a day I hope to have countless more of.” That wonderful sentiment, the simple title, and the elegance of this poem could make a reader feel downright jealous. I hope it inspires you to steal a day or two really soon and do with it whatever you will.
Stealing Days
By KC Bosch

when we arrive the calm dark is
rudely broken by generator and lamps
a million details to tend to

set the plates, fasten the sills
take the measure
run adhesive and sheet the deck
build the walls and stand in place

bring in the rafters
tip them up and nail them down
an ancient story of feet and inches

thirty-eight and seven-sixteenths skinny
short to short, three times
cripples and dead-men and bents
valleys and peaks and studs

stopping for lunch almost
while plotting …
sandwich in one hand
plans in the other

all afternoon more of the same
but different … 

ok shut it down, tie it down,
pack it up

out to the truck
racing to Manny’s
pork rinds and beer
down 997 toward home

hat stuck to my head
sweat stain tie-dyed shirt
wearing enough sawdust and dirt
to … be … arrested … for … theft.

3 Responses to “Stealing Days”

  1. Mariah says:

    I like this.

  2. Jessie Carty says:

    love this line “an ancient story of feet and inches”

  3. Jean says:

    Congratulations, KC, on your nomination for Best of the Net!

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