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Hugh Giblin has had a couple of poems published in a local literary journal, a one-act play produced, and a feature article published in a national magazine. Hugh says he is now focusing on poetry since “I love it best.”

By Hugh Giblin

It all seemed to happen so suddenly
like an old movie run in fast forward.
Wonder where the days and nights went,
what all the thoughts and deeds amounted to,
just what was this damn plot about after all?

These times I always seem to be late,
I forget to tear off days from the calendar,
as if somehow, some way I can hold back
or cheat inevitable entropy of its deadly due.
I don’t look in the mirror much anymore.

I know what is at the end of this road
and I try to get off at different ramps
so I can take a more circuitous route,
maybe somehow find a way to go back,
but all roads lead in the same direction.

Nothing to do now but just listen
as the indifferent clock ticks away 
and watch the relentless hands,
which someday will stop for me
and will forever make me timeless.

4 Responses to “Stop-Watch”

  1. SARI says:

    a sad poem,
    a road traveled
    sounds very real for someone or about someone
    “the indifferent clock ticks away…”

    the poem touched me- thank you

  2. KC Bosch says:

    This poem makes me hold my breath, it has a helpless feel to it up to that last line which leaves me with a positive feeling. Well written thanks.

  3. bobbie troy says:

    This is a powerful poem that everyone can relate to, i’m sure. All the stanzas are strong, but the last is the best.

  4. The desperation of this poem makes my heart race. Time stops for no man/woman.

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