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Subway Stop C-19

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Thomas Locicero’s most recent poem to appear here was “My Uncle Joe Died Today” (April 2020).

Subway Stop C-19
By Thomas Locicero

There is a squelch announcing destinations.
I no longer discern truth in voices,
Garbled now as they are, as they have turned
Their lips from my eyes, but in the moments
When I turn away from you and glimpse into
The new world, now a series of scheduled
Blurs, I see or sense it is almost time
For me to get off. I am loneliest
Above ground in my own home, in my cold skin,
Skin that holds only my own DNA.
I want contact, but not with the intentions
Of the perverts who push up against you,
Who only ride when it is standing room
Only. I do not know what it is I see.
My mask fogs my glasses and sips at my breath.
Our backs conjoined, pressing to become one.
Do you not resist because, like me, you care,
Or because, like me, you have stopped caring?

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