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Sugar Maple Leaf…after the cynotype by Alexis Doshas

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Erren Gerraud Kelly’s most recent poems to appear here were “Sad But True” and “Untitled” (January 2017)

Sugar Maple Leaf…after the cynotype by Alexis Doshas
By Erren Gerraud Kelly

Dreaming of northern lights
As I’m walking the streets with you
The stars burn white like your thighs
From my touch

We’re the only children of
Twilight, tonight
Though our breaths replicate

A leaf burns white in the
Night, like your thighs

A dream we share becomes
Real as I hold you
The night is a film negative
Truths revealed, as I
Hold your hand

On a a maple leaf night
That burns white
As your thighs

I watch as the will
Of your dreams
Control you

You climb up a hill
No scheme lies before

Such are the choices we make
Fragile, as a leaf falling
Are the breaths we take

On a maple leaf night
The sky burns white
Like your thighs

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