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by Caroline Brae

Small ordinary details fill my room
A discarded dresser, an old lamp,
And a faded photograph
Reflect back in a mirror
Hanging from my door distorting
Otherwise unremarkable items
My soft white feathery bedding
Floats like a cloud high above
Chaos and chatter below
And I rest among skyscrapers
Waiting anxiously to find my place
Where countless others have flocked
To search out a new life
One that is neither full nor empty
Simply filled with promise
Of what may come tomorrow

Although hidden from my view
The Empire State Building
Shines a silver reflection
Upon my bed and points
Not upwards or downwards
But simply away
Out into the ever-changing sky
And the skyline of a constantly
Moving city, the apple of my eye
First brought me here
To this place of dreams
Where clatter becomes music
And shadows learn to dance
Where words flash across
Neon billboards and night
Does not sleep

It is the daylight that warms
My spirit, regardless if
Life is turned upside down
And I cannot tell north from south
Only east and west
A reflection of the unseen icon
Illuminates my path with a silver dusting
And continues to point me
Out and away from the warped images
Of a limited life tucked behind a closed door
Where all my fears reside
Standing at the corner of W34th and 5th Avenue
I choose to trust the silver cables
And rise as high as steel beams
And thin air can take me
To find my true north

Inspired by Abelardo Morell, Camera Obscura:
The Empire State Building (1994)

6 Responses to “Suspended”

  1. H. Larew says:

    Thanks to Caroline for sharing “Suspended” – as a way to find our true North! HGL

    • Caroline Brae says:

      Greetings H 🙂

      Thank you so much for your kinds words and support.

      May we always find our way.

      With gratitude,

  2. Jame Piatt says:

    Excellent poem, I enjoyed it!

    • Caroline Brae says:

      Greetings Jame,

      I so appreciate your kind words and equally happy you enjoyed my poem Suspended.

      Please pardon my late reply, I’ve been a bit upside down.

      With gratitude,

  3. Where words flash across
    Neon billboards and night
    Does not sleep

    • Caroline Brae says:

      Greetings Jeanette,

      Please pardon my delayed response, I have been a bit upside down.

      I appreciate that you repeated a few of my favorite lines, it creates a sense of understanding and connection.

      May you find peaceful sleep and guiding lights 🙂

      With gratitude,

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