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Tales of Men, Part Two

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Marc Carver’s most recent poem to appear here was Tales of Men, Part One (May 2014).

Tales of Men, Part Two
By Marc Carver

The one-legged man at the gym
started shaking his head and talking to himself.
“Would you believe it, odd socks again.”
I looked at him.
“Yes, it is incredible. Where do you think all these odd socks go?
There must be some black hole where they all are.”
He still did not look happy
and he was holding two pairs of socks.
“You’d think she would at least get one pair right.”
I told him I was lucky if I could find two trainers the same
but it was no consolation to him
even though he had obviously got over the missing leg
years ago.


2 Responses to “Tales of Men, Part Two”

  1. nice. humans are so adaptable. and sometimes we’re adaptable right up to the point where we’re not. great snapshot capture of the moment.

  2. Didn’t see that coming. Good twist.

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