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Rachel Nix grew up in the Deep South of Alabama and still resides a stone’s throw from where she ran around as a child. Despite an irrational fear of frogs, she’s pretty much declared herself content with living in the boonies. She does, however, like to take road trips and see what hasn’t found the South just yet. Her previously published work can be found at A Sharp Piece of Awesome, Wordsmiths, The Legendary, and cahoodaloodaling.

By Rachel Nix

I wear my apologies on my
left wrist,
because you’ll never be

–handed to me was the
blame, for another.
Not myself.

I am your fault.
You won’t take the
not for any of it.

I wear my apologies on my
left wrist.
I can’t remove them
or you.

I’ll never be right.

One Response to “Tattoo”

  1. Paul says:

    I liked this poem as it drove me to my dictionary to look up all the meanings of the word Tattoo. Now there are several different ways to read the poem. A good poem gives you an immediate moment sensation and a better poem gives you that and a thought to carry around with you. A better poem.

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