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The Blink of an Eye

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Ann Christine Tabaka lives and writes in Hockessin, Delaware. Her six volumes of poetry are available at her Amazon page

The Blink of an Eye
By Ann Christine Tabaka

The understanding of time
fleeting moments
never recaptured
sitting on windowsills
of the mind

In little jars and vases
fragments of the past
collide and are reborn
the cost is too dear
to step outside of
the window’s light

Daily prayers
collected and sent
for the  purpose of
extending days
like the long fingered
shadows of trees
reaching out at evening time

Faded memories
are reborn as
pirate ships in the mist
sailing into a fiery sunset
never to be seen again

Meanwhile time
the eternal predator
takes a bite out of
your morning toast
now dry and cold
from all that has transpired
in the blink of the eye

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