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One Heart

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Lindsay Holeman’s most recent poem to appear here was “Art of Losing” (March 2018)

One Heart
By Lindsay Holeman

I am standing on the rug, holding
chamomile tea in one hand and
her hand in the other.
The rain drums on the roof,
the beat soothing and steady.
We settle on the couch and
Watch the silver raindrops
falling on the leaves on the
trees out the wide window.
She did not hold me under
her heart during my formative
months, nourished and loved already.
I didn’t grow there, but
within the well of her arms,
I grew.
Within the well of her arms,
I fell. I fell into a
different world.
A world of Hungarian desserts,
a world of warm nicknames
and lighthearted laughter.
I was a timid mouse who knew my place,
who knew too well of
traps that were set.
She raised me into a pitbull,
cuddly and cozy,
fierce and powerful.
She taught me about love without
conditions, without restrictions, without
We lay together on the couch, humming
broadway showtunes, making the song
keep rhythm with the rain.
The rain was loud, but we were louder.
The rain was cold, but we were warm.
Snuggled together,
a porcupette and mamma bear,
Sharing one
cave, one heart.

One Response to “One Heart”

  1. Jean McLeod says:

    This is so warm, dear, and poignant. It made me smile, laugh, and tear up, by turns. Thank you for sharing it.

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