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The White Horse (New Amsterdam on Hudson)

12.27.12 Posted in words to linger on by

John J McKenna’s most recent poem to appear here was Wish (August 2012). 

The White Horse (New Amsterdam on Hudson)
By John J McKenna


the olde cold
of sooty grey London
here too


the still young
rising timber smoke
of New Amsterdam


shadow and shade
grin in wicked macabre
October delight


as sky
slouched from river east


big hearted bright
not close enough hearth
and Hudson to the near west

cold still

enough to wet sweater
dam and damp
chill skin thin
in shiver silent shake
cool of bone
deep and within


proper pints poured and spilled glisten
atop this oblong box

a toast–is echo

where there are many

and you
young wild curled haired boy


never doubting

poor lad
they bent not to genuflect
not to tie the laces of their shoes
should they be so fortunate
not to strap their boots better still
if they were blessed with work

young darling boy
this beautiful Thomas

they crouched in unison to
the foot rail
ready and waiting and worn

your bearers
to carry you.


some find it odd and some disturbing
that I weep here

I find it sad
the familiar melancholy
of Autumn
stained again
in colours up bright
punching the sky
before dizzy daze


and drifting

I do so alone

I find it so very sad
and that they

no longer

One Response to “The White Horse (New Amsterdam on Hudson)”

  1. Deep and daunting. I’ve read this over and over.

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