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The Windy Artist

12.31.12 Posted in words to linger on by

Daniel Dowe’s most recent poem here was Opening (December 2012). 

The Windy Artist
By Daniel Dowe

Don’t rake leaves,
On windy Saturdays.
November breezes like chaos
And swirls.
The November artist
Stages afternoon happenings:
Where leaves form circle dances;
Synchronized marches across intersections;
And mutinies against carefully constructed piles.

The Saturday wind is like an eight year old,
Unconscious and uninterested in schedules,
Contemptuous of adult tasks;
Blowing away my plans
In fistfuls of red and scarlet,
Forcing me to smile
At the maddening lawlessness,
At the world we all hope
We somehow manage to control.

One Response to “The Windy Artist”

  1. I love the picture you paint her; especially, the last verse.