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The World Through a Window

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Nancy Scott McBride’s most recent poem to appear here was “Sapiens” (November 2018)

The World Through a Window
By Nancy Scott McBride

Through this ordinary rectangle that overlooks
a field with mountains in the distance,
I have witnessed many wondrous things.
I’ve observed a family of deer grazing peacefully
at dawn, and again at twilight.
I’ve seen the fallow field covered with
spider webs that sparkled with dew as the sun rose.
I have awakened to find it blanketed with snow,
and the trees glittering with icicles, as in a fairy tale.
I have watched July fireworks blossom in the night,
and marveled at the tiny pyrotechnics of fireflies.
I’ve seen calves being born, and I’ve laughed
to see them race each other from fence to fence,
kicking up their heels with joy.
I have trembled at snake lightning and
ball lightning and every kind of
lightning you can imagine.
I’ve stared in wonder at twin rainbows arcing
in the sky after a storm.
I’ve glimpsed meteorites and comets
and falling stars.
I once saw a man land in the field with a parachute.
I‘ve experienced the eerie, dream-like beauty of a
solar eclipse, and the odd, unsettling vision of a lunar one.
I have seen these things and much, much more,
and if it was all I had of life, of the world,
it would be enough.

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  1. Bobbie Troy says:

    I agree!

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