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Threnody for the Fallen

05.29.12 Posted in today's words by

William C Ross’ most recent poem to appear here was Impractical Beauty (May 2012).

Threnody for the Fallen
By William C Ross

Step off the march slowly,
Sing the threnody lowly.
Make plain and muted the decoration.

We mark the sad falling
Of those who answered the calling,
Whom now we honor with our celebration.

Let their silent voices reach us
And solemnly teach us
That peace only comes with a price.

May their memory not dim.
May our requiem hymn
Be an elegy to their sacrifice.

Today, we soothe our wounded nation
And try to bind up all her sores.
Now, we must be off to fight
Another war to end all wars.

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  1. Unfortunately, you are right.

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