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To Those I Have Lost

08.28.11 Posted in words to linger on by

Giovanni Rivera performs his poetry under the name G-$MOOV at venues in the NY/NJ metropolitan area. He energizes the room by shining the light of his art at the darker parts of the human heart.  

To Those I Have Lost
By Giovanni Rivera

I have been to war
now I can’t find peace.
I have bled the least in war
because I sweated the most in peace.

I act out and lash out.
My friends and family get mad at me.
They don’t want me to add
my own death to their tragedies.

My actions in regard to my reaction:
get high and lie.
And wait for the tears to cry
stuck behind my eyes.

I put on charades
as long as parades
that last for miles.

No soothing this pain.
No entry token.
My heart is broken.
My soul, shattered.

I have what I want
but I want what I need.
The one thing I never gave up on
has given up on me.

You look down on me
as if you can’t see
this circus, pierce me with your eyes
just to achieve your purpose.

I have stared down
the barrel of a gun.
My body is immune to the fire.

You will never break my will
or crush my desires
I am filled with the inner power of frozen fire.

Life continues. So
there’s no time to mope.
With every new struggle
comes new hope.

2 Responses to “To Those I Have Lost”

  1. bobbie troy says:

    I like the hopeful ending. Without hope, we are lost.

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