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Two Flowers

11.24.11 Posted in words to linger on by

Joanna Beacom (aka Joanna De Seyne) is a singer songwriter and poet. Her music work spans the past two decades and several genres from American Idol to eclectic dance and singer songwriter pop rock. She currently writes instrumentals for several MTV shows. After concentrating on music and motherhood for the past several years, Joanna has recently returned to writing poetry to soothe the soul and expand the mind. She studied under fellow poet Rick Bursky (Death Obscura) at the UCLA Writer’s Extension. She lives with her husband and 2 children in Los Angeles. Her most recent release, as part of The Gilded Lilies can be found here. Her music can also be found here.

Two Flowers
By Joanna Beacom

Rooted like two flowers sprung
From the same seed
She reads my mind
Old soul daughter of mine
Wisdom reaches far beyond her years
I stumble towards some random thought
And to my surprise
She speaks it out loud
A secret revealed and unraveled
Caught like a small perfect present
Wrapped in turquoise paper

As though we were having a discussion
Only I haven’t said a word
It’s times like these
I can see clearly
How our lives will be connected
‘Til stars drop from the sky
And set earth on fire
Even when hate defeats love
Our DNA predetermined
Complicated and complex
She is mine and I made her
A model of me
Despite her resistance
Digging her heels in the dirt
Unique and independent
Unable to cut the tendrils
Of our genetic road map
Which bind us together
This inescapable journey

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