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Charlene James-Duguid is a cultural anthropologist who has done research in collections and flea market activity, Balinese dance, and Crow Native American culture. She was adopted by the Crow and given the name Reed Woman, she who brings comfort in time of great need. Charlene has written a book about lumberjacks, Work as Art, Logging as an Aesthetic Moment (University of Idaho Press), a musical based on the life of dealers at a flea market “Red Suspenders,” and a production for the DC Fringe Festival, “Smashing Reality,” which she also directed.

By Charlene James-Duguid

We sit,
While he cooks.
Stirring the gravy,
The only earthen tone in a pure white kitchen.

We peek through the window
Imagining what goes on
Under the grill’s hood.

We all want to talk,
But don’t.
This is his moment,
This was his kill. 

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