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Two Kinds of People

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Max Reif’s most recent poem to appear here was “Villanelle for Our Time” (October 2018)

Two Kinds of People
By Max Reif
We all get our signals
mixed up once in awhile,
moving forward
on the same part
of the sidewalk
as someone
coming toward us,
then stopping
before collision
and engaging in
a little foot-dance.
Sometimes we even
repeat the whole business,
having both decided
to switch to
the same
new path.
Finally, untangled,
we walk on.
Here Is where we see
two kinds of people.
Most look us
in the eye
with a smile,
as if to say,
“Nice dancing with you!”
A few, though,
walk on
with no hint
of recognition
or camaraderie.
It’s chilling
to realize
the truth:
“for this person,
I was nothing
but a brief
obstacle to progress.”

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