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Unexpected Exemplar

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Kathryn Tate Jacoby’s most recent poem to appear here was Paradigm Shift (August 2012).

Unexpected Exemplar
By Kathryn Tate Jacoby

Beautiful Woman
Strong Inspiration
Feminist ahead of
Your time,

What were your thoughts
the first time
you stepped out of
your comfort zone?

In an era when
an independent woman
was seen as an enigma,
an unfortunate aberration,

How did you survive?

When so many other women
were living lives of quiet
desperation and conformity,

You found your voice
and used it.

You turned your back
on others’ expectations.

You educated your mind
and became
someone new.

You followed your passion
finding success along the path.

You became the kind of woman,
no, the kind of person,
that others are drawn
to emulate.

Others like me.

I’ve read your
shimmering words,
seen your proud
felt your anguish
and your immense
love toward
all of life.

And so, Beautiful Woman
Strong Inspiration
Feminist and Heroine,

You must be thanked
and I thank you.

On behalf of all of us.

One Response to “Unexpected Exemplar”

  1. Thank you Kathryn Tate Jacoby. This wondrous poem truly touched my heart. I love you.

    Your Yiddishe Mama

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