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Marc Carver’s most recent poem to appear here was “Knowledge” (January 2018)

By Marc Carver

I walk out of Waterloo
I walk as slow as I can
and everybody swerves past me,
in a hurry to get back to there cardboard boxes
so they can shut the door
and pretend the world does not exist.

Later I walk up the strand with a big cigar so people have to dodge me
and they get a big whiff of cigar smoke as they do.
I blow it in their faces as they pass and still I am in no rush.

I check the open air book stand at the south bank.
It is mostly closed only me and a couple.
She picks up some books and turns to me.
“Can I take these?” She asks.
“Yea I am sure you can.” I tell her.
We look at each other for a while.
“I am tempted to take your money.” I say.

Later I meet a young lady
and she has the most perfect name in the world.

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