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Michael Aguilar’s most recent poem to appear here was “Your Color” (April 2019).

By Michael Aguilar

Abused with fumes like the crash of our markets.
Consumed with doom in all I’ve embarked in.
Am I caving in? Is this it?
Where is the passion of that fighting spirit
That floated over clouds
And stung competitors?
Knocked out in a crowd
And picked apart by predators.
Blocked me from heartfelt
Passion forced to the shelf.
Note the name of the speculator
Who witnessed my efforts and contacted coordinators
To steal my fight for herself.
Rejected my offer to help.
If only the public knew what a thief you are.
Demon eyes as red as your falling star
And hollow. Another abyss, just as bizarre,
In the one who said she needed me and tore that apart.

One Response to “Updates”

  1. I loved the last line.

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