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Weeds II

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Harris Tobias’ most recent poem to appear here was Was That Today? (November 2013).

Weeds II
By Harris Tobias

You have to admire the weeds
Their persistence
While they offer only passive resistance
They certainly persevere
I’m the only one who bleeds from
My frenzied weeding of their beds
Thorns and wiry stems
Cut my hands to shreds
Their blind insistence on survival
Rivals any thing I’ve read
About guerilla bands and
Armies conquering the land
At times the weeds appear defeated
But I can’t relax
Within hours they are back
Attacking hand to hand I fight them
But to no avail
Their number overwhelm me
And I succumb
Their insistence on existence is far stronger
Than my dumb defense
And so they prevail
Their anima proves stronger
Than my stamina
And in the end
I come to my senses
And am defeated once again


6 Responses to “Weeds II”

  1. Sharon Poch says:

    Rhyme is executed brilliantly, Harris.

  2. Wonderful. I was transported to the battle zone of my yard and flower beds where I too found myself engaged in hand to hand combat with weeds.

  3. Jeanette Gallagher says:

    Weeds II is proof that poems can be found in places most never think about…I pictured the weeds in my own garden and thought of their “resistance” and “insistence on existence” as I read Mr. Tobias’ excellent use of words to make such a mundane subject come to life! Each line a pleasure to read and my favorite lines were “Their anima proves stronger Than my stamina.” Loved the poem which resonated with many I’m sure.

  4. I can just see you now, fretting over the garden. Thorns and wiry stems. Your words and continued talent are a treat.

  5. Well done, Harris. As your words moved me I found myself developing a sympathetic, slow sense of angst and weariness, sensing myself passing the window open to the battleground of a back yard just tended to yet blooming again with a new crop of insouciant, invasive weed.

  6. Few writers I know are equally proficient in writings of all kinds. The poems, songs, stories, allegories, novels — you name it and Harris Tobias rules!

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