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What We Once Had

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R.M. Engelhardt’s most recent poem to appear here was “Now, Traveler” (July 2018)

What We Once Had
By R.M. Engelhardt

What we once had was poetry. Visions and star dust. Translucent. Death to the machine, the grind the walk that we all must walk. The everyday pantomime of social media and daily life. I am bored. Asleep in the 21st century.  I want monoliths, transcendence and truth. Moments of humanity that don’t come with a price tag or a sale, a selfie or a headline.

What we once had was poetry. Visions and star dust lost behind the veil of pretty pictures and smiles.

Goodnight sweet prince goodnight.

One Response to “What We Once Had”

  1. What we once had, was a simpler life.

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