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Whisks and Sticks

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Jeff Burt works in manufacturing in Santa Cruz County CA. His work has recently been published in Barnwood andVerse Wisconsin and he enjoys the aroma of a freshly sharpened number two pencil. 

Whisks and Sticks
By Jeff Burt

My wife bakes,
Scratch cakes,
Puffs, cornbread,
Without electric whirr,
Just whisks and sticks,
Spoons and spatulas,
Beating, mixing, 
Folding, stirring.
I can hear her shirt flap
When she beats,
The oven sound once
When it’s heated up,
A timer set but reset
Or curtailed before completion
Depending on the test,
Toothpick test,
Finger test
Of rebound strength,
Eye test
Of golden edges.
She ends with flour
Cast upon her shirt
Or pajama top,
Some slopped on the floor
Being licked up
By the dog, her hair
Blown back by lips
That lack the angle
To keep the strands in place,
Pink flushing her cheeks
In ancient delight.

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