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Who am I

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Deepak Chaswal is a poet from India. His poetry presents his perception of the universe from the perspective of an outsider. His poems have appeared in journals such as Sam Smith, the Journal, Pacific Review, Pomona Valley Review, Forge, Enchanting Verses, The Tower, Earthborne Poetry Magazine, Kritya–A Journal of Poetry, Indian Ruminations, Bicycle Review, Electronic Monsoon Magazine, E-fiction Notice, and Frog Croon.

Who am I
By Deepak Chaswal

When a smile came to me
Long years back
I turned sad
Fell sick
And the smile went back
From where 
It came

The land of desire
The sea of fire
The sky of thunder
Mysterious blunder
Still look at me
With wonder

Who I am–
The hollow
Bony structure
Half dead
Half alive
Never lived
Always died
In every century
In every country

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