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Who’s Gonna Deal

12.08.17 Posted in today's words by

Raymond Maguire’s most recent poem to appear here was “The Harvest Feels Dismay” (November 2017)

Who’s Gonna Deal
By Raymond Maguire

Three pals and me played lotsa cards at this table
Since movin here from other parts
Quite a long time ago

Good ol Dwight the hero an all
He was in the White House
Stopped that Police Action goin on in Korea

Me and the boys, we’d meet in Pete’s
After a shave or weekly trim and other times, dealt the cards
Only used nice fresh Bicycle Ghost Deck

We knew most of the good games
Pinochle, poker, euchre, usual choices
Never any cheatin harsh words, accusations

Big pots you must be kiddin, hardly ever
Largest would not get to more than five bucks
We’d play for fun, companionship, discussions

After these more than sixty years
Three guys got their bad cards dealt, aces and eights Al, tumor, Ben, stroke, Chas, run over

Only one pal left at the table
Got to drink the cognac, V.S.O.P.
Just plays solitaire at Pete’s
On a screen, nope, with Bicycles.

One Response to “Who’s Gonna Deal”

  1. Raymond, I like this a lot. It resonates!

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