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Why Is It So Hard to Be Present in the Moment

03.11.18 Posted in today's words by

Julie Brehmer lives and writes in Michigan.

Why Is It So Hard to Be Present in the Moment
By Julie Brehmer

moments of serenity are increasingly difficult to find
amid the disorder and clutter of daily life

thoughts compete with each other to win the reward
of being chosen as the next responsibility

it is peace I desire, searching but not noticing nature doing the same
as fallen flower petals cede to seed pods preparing for what will come next

looking for meaning in mulch and pinot noir grapes
trying to surrender myself to thoughts that await my discovery

The English Garden invites me in and then I quickly spot
the “Proven Winners” flower labels reminding me that I am nowhere near England

the panacea is within reach and then it is gone
with the car racing down the road two hundred feet away

what I seek will not come in this minute
but the inspiration will come when I have time to absorb it

One Response to “Why Is It So Hard to Be Present in the Moment”

  1. Andrea Varga says:

    Julie: I love your poem. So expertly written from the heart. It touched me because you described also how I feel. Looking for inner peace but tormented by thoughts of outside responsibilities and necessities for life.


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