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Noah Hernandez wrote this poem.

By Noah Hernandez

Aardvark shuffles along the ground for food
Bee’s humming in the wind
Crap fills the air from the cages
Danger is muted from behind the bars
Elephants laze in the mud
Foxes prowl their own land
Gorillas stare passively back at the crowd
How bored these animals are
In their set environment
Jaguars hide in the shade
Killer instinct is subdued
Lions wait for their next meal
Monkeys have fun riling the crowd
Never experienced running around
Otters build their own homes
Penguins would suffer if they were to leave
Quenching our desire for the foreign comes at a price
Rabbits have more freedom than the rest
Snakes stuck in little glass boxes
Trapped in their small world
Under the supervision of caretakers
Visitors come and go as they please
Waiting for the animals to move
Xenophiles fill the zoo
Yearning for something new
Zoological garden made of iron and glass


One Response to “Zoology”

  1. Nicky says:

    Very uniquely crafted!

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