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The Recipe

04.26.12 Posted in today's words by

Mary Sayler’s poem, Charcoal Portrait of an Actress, was published as part of Contributor Series 10: Silken Rags (September 2011) and her work has appeared at the prompts page. She has a new book forthcoming from Hiraeth Press. Stay tuned for details.The Recipe By Mary Sayler I am made of stars, sand, rain.My fingers flickerbirds,my feet fins,my […]

Wise Gardener

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KK Singh’s most recent poem to appear here was Uncertain gift (February 2012).Wise GardenerBy KK SinghForsake this overgrowthNegative memories and thoughtsGreedy weedsRelentless insatiable creaturesStrangle what you attempt to cultivateOnce rich soil sappedOf all nourishmentThe wise gardener willReach without hesitationWith unsparing fingersDig out these interlopersOne wisp can give rise to a crop of miseryRake out the bitter remainsThey […]

Fire Flies

04.25.12 Posted in today's words by

Clinton Van Inman’s most recent poem to appear here was Uncle (March 2012).Fire FliesBy Clinton Van Inman They glitter and glow like flashing starsThe fire flies we chase in summer’s sky.With some power we can not understandWe try to catch them and hold in handYet can only watch and wonder whyThe ones we catch and place in […]


04.24.12 Posted in today's words by

Ray Sharp’s most recent poem to appear here was To the One That Got Away (February 2012).MayfliesBy Ray Sharp We were skinny dipping,toes squishing in cool mud,in a quiet, shady poolon the bend of a desert creek. You told me that mayflieslive but one day as adults,too busy mating to eat,so they have no use for mouths. […]

Herb Box

04.23.12 Posted in today's words by

Mariah Boone’s most recent poem to appear here was Urban Offerings to the Wild (March 2012).Herb BoxBy Mariah Boone The dill in the herb box has gone to seed.It isA starAn alien arrayA yellow-green burst of fireworks.

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