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Emily Davis is a 20-year-old college student studying creative writing. This is her second publication. An earlier form of her poem, “The Frog,” was published online and in the November 2010 print issue of Teen Ink Magazine. Read more of her work here. ZeldaBy Emily DavisStein’s mechanic called them Lost.A whole generation wanderingthese cobble-stoned streets, searching, waiting […]

Past Lives

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Susan Sweetland Garay’s poem Creatures appeared here in January 2013. Past Lives By Susan Sweetland Garay A coworker tells me in the mid morningof her memories of past livesand I am momentarily speechless. I have lost a certain normalcyto my daily life.The routine is therebut it’s all a beat or two off,a step behind,and I can’t manage […]


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Katya Amchentseva is a multidisciplinary artist originally from Kazakhstan. She divides her time between photography and other forms of expression including various visual media and writing. She currently lives and works out of a studio in New York. untitled By Katya Amchentseva Dogs outside barkingunwelcome arrival ofstepfather again

Lunch Salad

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Phoebe Wilcox’ poetry has won the Gertrude Stein Poetry Prize, been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and the Rhysling Award, and generally appears at very fine places. Visit her website. Lunch Salad By Phoebe Wilcox Eating chicken that tastes like WelfareIn a cafe that looks like a spa.This chickenIs like the government surplus chickenThe social worker […]

Eve’s Tears

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Anthony Ward’s most recent poem to appear here was Figments (January 2013). Eve’s Tears By Anthony Ward I see the fair maids of February,Their forlorn bonnets bowed to the groundPallid with Eulalion ash,Dousing autumnal flames–Fallen from aestival prominence. Standing delicately defiantAgainst the grievous landscape,Their anaemic complexionEmbodying the life that’s gone–Representing what’s to come.

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