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Peace Sign

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Dexi Landela always wanted to live on the moon. When she’s not writing, painting, or playing the piano, she’s scheming about moonscaping and wishing the revolution could be televised. Peace Sign By Dexi Landela One word, another,then one more. Build the art thatknocks down ancient walls.

when she cut out her voice

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Kate Hammerich’s most recent poem to appear here was 23 Blocks (September 2012).when she cut out her voiceBy Kate HammerichShe is lost and the monster is coming. Her head tilts and jerks like a bird bouncing lightlyon the bladed grass.There is a ringing phone in her hands and it confuses her so much her chest aches and […]

As I Crawled Home to Die

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Gaines Isaac Milligan was born July 26, 1943 in Chattanooga TN, and after many lonely struggles, he left in 1976 as a homeless accordionist. Since then he has accumulated a house, 100 accordions, a small family, and various predictable accoutrements. Prior to becoming a street accordionist, he sometimes lived in caves and took sustenance from […]

Deep Inside

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Lori Izykowski’s most recent poem to appear here was The 82nd Floor (Stanley and Brian) (November 2011). Deep Inside By Lori Izykowski The feeling inside,the one that I’ve always had.Is it possible this is andalways has been depression? Or is it possible, the feeling inside … is just me … feeling.How do we know who we really are?Am […]


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Simon Perchik’s other poem * appeared here in January 2013.* By Simon Perchik   How many times! this doorbell smelling your sweat must know nothing’s changed and the dry sleepthrough the night–the button has forgotten how, curls up with someone who isn’t therethough this all-at-once-familiar nudge can’t keep you away, outside it’s still rain and darkness always […]

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