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Content to Circle

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Sy Roth’s poem Lot’s Wife appeared here in January 2013. Content to Circle By Sy Roth Incarceration in a watery globe,her world circumscribed by interminable circlesstarting where there is no end andending where there are no beginnings.Navigator of endless glass walls, uncovering nothing,discoverer of a stretch of perpetual waters,her reef-white rocks, and algae-capturing mesh.A world gyres from […]


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Sandy Patton offers us a Pleiades poem today. These consist of a one-word title, 7 lines of poetry, each line beginning with the first letter of the title. Her most recent poem to appear here was Holey Moley. Sunrise By Sandy Patton Splendid silence at new morn’s light.Savor a brush of faint breeze uponskin, a barely […]

An Excerpt from the Diary of a Man Growing Old: Elegy for Clarabel

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Neil Ellman’s most recent poem to appear here was Cover-Ups, published as part of Contributor Series 10: Silken Rags in December 2011. An Excerpt from the Diary of a Man Growing Old: Elegy for ClarabelBy Neil EllmanI guess I’m getting old.I can even remember when HST was President(remember him?)and the cost of a gallon of gascould […]

The Victim of the Vulture

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I believe vultures don’t actually kill lions, but given the chance, they sure would eat them once dead. Joseph Garcia, at the ripe old age of 9, has clearly learned the difference between fact and truth in poetry. His imagery conveys the truth of his story. Joseph is the brother of Jubilee and Nicole Poulain […]


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Caroline Shepard is a teacher and writer in New York. Her poems have appeared at Construction Magazine, Freerange Nonfiction’s “Freshly Hatched” series, and one piece is forthcoming in the Cobalt Review. Politician By Caroline Shepard My great uncle died with no finger tipsright armor knee caps.All his life he worked in the mines.On the television last nighta man spoke […]

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