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Jackie Uhlemann’s poem Convergence appeared here in November 2012.WoodpeckerBy Jackie Uhlemann The woodpecker penetrates the palm treeand drills a small hole that will take days to fillwith the abundance of summer crops;the symbiosis of bird and tree assumesthe future will bring it’s skilled tonguedeep inside the deposit of future pleasure.As the smell of rosemary and mint whispersacross […]

Dissected shadows

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Dawnell Harrison’s most recent poem to appear here was Cowboys and angels (July 2013).Dissected shadowsBy Dawnell Harrison Dissected shadows lingerOn the rock wall near The sea’s edge.The seagulls hover like Grey kites.Sparrows dissolve like Rain under a dust of wings.It feels like tomorrow willNever arrive.  

The Greatest Hit

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Clinton Inman’s most recent poem to appear here was Fire Flies (April 2012).The Greatest HitBy Clinton Van Inman Mixed with tobacco juiceAnd red summer clayIt came from the edgeOf the cornfieldThe clout that souredPast the unplowed fieldSmashed into the red barnScattering the cawing crows.  

Education Before Marriage (A Cyhydedd Hir)

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KJ Hannah Greenberg’s most recent poem to appear here was Infatuation, More Honestly (June 2013). A little bird tells me to expect a new chapbook by this brilliant writer late next year … Education Before Marriage (A Cyhydedd Hir)By KJ Hannah Greenberg Breakfast chatter bringsWedding bells, does singBright images.I return your song,For our dreams belong,To tomorrow’s child. […]


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Elizabeth Dublin’s most recent poem to appear here was Snake Eyes (June 2013).RevelryBy Elizabeth Dublin Moonshine, moon shine:swallow it down and watch the lightdancing inside and outcelebrating the season ofheat and life. 

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