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Juliana Norwood likes short forms. Today’s choice is a haiku. Paperweight By Juliana Norwood Without the weight of you: muscle, mud, mouth, and moss, I would float away.

Apple Blossoms

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Molly Frederick shares another delicious poem. Apple Blossoms By Molly Frederick I am remembering apple blossoms on a warm summer day– ecstasies of white, tinged with seashell pink. I see trees bearing their apple dreams in shivering clouds on wide, able shoulders. I see baskets full of them slung across strong arms, and plump fingers […]


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Jimmie Kepler writes a love poem to a rock star. Coffee By Jimmie Kepler The timer starts the morning pot brewing where it greets me at the same time my alarm rings. The first cup hides my morning breath as it energizes the blood flowing through my veins enabling me to stumble to my car […]

Champagne Days

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Harris Tobias has always found a good home for his seasonal poetry here at vox poetica.  Champagne Days By Harris Tobias These are the champagne days The air like a fine dry wine Uncorked for our pleasure Summer exits stage left Her full skirts and throaty song Was growing old Waiting in the wings is […]

Mr Baboon

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Bobbie Troy is known to vox readers as a master of short poetry. Here she shares a children’s poem originally written for her grandson. Mr Baboon By Bobbie Troy Mr Baboon went to the moon On a beautiful sunny day He said to his son Take care of your Mom And I will be back […]

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