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Waiting for …

09.30.13 Posted in today's words by

James G Piatt shares a beautiful nostalgic poem on this early fall day. Waiting for … By James G Piatt Summers, winters, autumn, and fall, Painted into my memories, tugging At my mind, creating a misty nostalgia: Lost toys, misplaced relics, broken seashells, Christmas presents, birthday cakes, Easter Eggs, weddings, picture albums, vacations At the […]

The Rat Race

09.29.13 Posted in today's words by

Israel Okwuje is a Nigerian writer who loves to write short stories and occasionally dabble in poetry. His work has appeared in Litro, East Jasmine Review, Saraba, Nigerianstalk, and a host of other literary spaces.  The Rat Race By Israel Okwuje He hears the rooster crow at dawn and he is afraid to rise, to […]

Like I Used to Be

09.28.13 Posted in today's words, Uncategorized by

Philibert F Kongtcheu, a paralytic polio and post-polio syndrome survivor is the author most recently of Yearnings for Life: A Short Collection of Poetry in the Shapes and Languages That Speak to Me (available at Amazon). Like I Used to Be By Philibert F Kongtcheu I want to be handsome, Like I used to be […]

She Stands Up

09.27.13 Posted in today's words by

Nick Hawkins has written many tribute poems. This is another one. She Stands Up By Nick Hawkins So Mr Bold, Mr Big, Mr Hard Man is made to take a look at himself. This becomes personal and the mirror, usually not large enough, is suddenly too big. And where does he put his face? His […]

An Unfortunate Appetite

09.26.13 Posted in today's words by

Paul Goldberg’s playful poems, with their vivid descriptions and lessons for life, call to mind nursery rhymes. An Unfortunate Appetite By Paul Goldberg Danny D Wyatt couldn’t keep to a diet. Try as he might his stomach wouldn’t be quiet. That stomach grumbled and mumbled almost causing a riot. Poor Danny D shouted: “Be quiet!” […]

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